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503. Panzer Legion

Mission Statement

Friends, Wardens, players, lend me your ears.

I come to tell you all that we're a laid back and relaxed group of friends that just wanna blow shit up with tanks in all sorts of PC games for fun without all of the yes sir no sir bullshit, toxicity, yelling, screaming and other types of armchair general crap that you just don't want to deal with after a hard day of school or work which started this group when I got fed up with all of it around 3 years ago now.

We keep talks of politics, religion, sports and money to a low while freely discussing culture, history, tanks, anime, weapons and all sorts of other more mature topics which you might not find anywhere else, while also having a laugh at some good ass memes.

If you want to see for yourself how we play Hell Let Loose, Foxhole, Company of Heroes, Men of War and other such games here's my YouTube channel for your enjoyment:




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