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7th Marine Division

Mission Statement

The 7th Marine Division (7MD) is a BRAND-NEW Marine Corps veteran owned online gaming community where veterans, and non-veterans come together to make meaningful connections through online gaming, and other similar interest. Although we are called the 7th Marine Division, and structured as a Marine Corps infantry division is this not a milsim. There are no ranks - only volunteer “Company Commanders” and “Squad Leads” for administrative and accountability purposes. The 7MD motto is “Real life comes first” if you cannot make a game night then we will see you next time. The 7MD is currently on BF2042, Battlefield 5, and COD: MW II. If you like to PTFO, and working in a team then the 7MD is the right unit for you! NOW recruiting for all three Battalions, so you choose which battalion works best with your schedule!


**the 7MD is no representation of the United States Marine Corps only for online gaming**





25th Dec 2023 - 9:38am


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