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Above Water

Mission Statement

Above Water is a Christian community that welcomes all our fellow gaming geeks, bookworms, socially awkward, and social butterflies to join us in our pursuits of forging bonds with fellow Christians and family-friendly individuals. Our love of gaming is what initially brings us together but here at Above Water, we want to be more than just another gaming community. We want to share real-life experiences, lift one another in prayer, help each other shoulder real-life struggles and celebrate overcoming the obstacles life throws our way.

The emphasis of Above Water is God followed by community and then focus on gaming. Above Water desires a relationship with the Lord and a relationship with you, so if you're looking for community and fellowship then look no further than Above Water.

Above Water's New World Company: Liquid Courage

Liquid Courage is a Christian Company overflowing with the Living Water of Christ our Savior. Be blessed with the courage to stand for the Covenant in Aeternum and for the true Spark in the real world. Our name may come across as a bit of a stretch and a little sketch, but we're going to make people ask so many questions and that's not a bad thing.

No one said that in order to lead a Christian community that you had to be a stick in the mud or uptight. We can adhere to the teachings of our Creator while giggling (or chortling if you're a manly man) and gaming. We welcome all fun-loving Christians and family-friendly individuals to join us on the shoreline of Aeternum. Come with us as we slay timber, hunt hemp, and water the vegetation with the blood of our enemies. You've never known a group quite like Liquid Courage.

We're a special blend of God-fearing individuals mixed with sarcasm, fun-sized trollish tactics, and a love for the community. We're excited to enter into a new world as a new community together.

Community Fast Facts

  • Christian & Family-Friendly

  • Server: East (Named Server to be Selected Soon)

  • Faction: Covenant

  • Age Requirement: Open to all ages, we're family-friendly

  • Language: English

  • Voice Comms: Guilded

The Rules of Liquid Courage follow the same rules of the Above Water community. Additionally, all members are expected to adhere to the rules of New World's ToS. If anyone is found to be poorly representing our community by breaking our community rules or the rules set forth by AGS, the offending member may be removed from the community.

What We Offer

Family-friendly dialogue. If you're tired of your listening holes being bombarded with profanities and obscenities, but you're equally bored among stricter family-focused communities---then you'll find a nice balance in Liquid Courage. Here cussing, cursing, and crude talk is prohibited while sarcasm, jokes, and light-hearted banter are promoted.

Fellowship. Liquid Courage is the New World chapter of Above Water, a Christian community. Above Water was created for Christians who have been thirsting for fellowship with like-minded individuals. Shake off lonely feelings by participating in our forum discussions, hopping in our voice comms, and engaging with the growing community of Liquid Courage and Above Water.

Faith. It is our belief that our faith is primary and our gaming is secondary, we desire for others to see the light of Christ in us in all that we do. We are a growing community with plans for voluntary prayer meetings, Bible studies, and theology discussions in the future.

Fun. Gaming is meant to be enjoyable and Liquid Courage isn't going to stifle your gaming pleasure by telling you how to play when to play, or how much to play. We understand that gaming is a hobby and not a lifestyle. We support our members in their offline pursuits of education, employment, friends, and family. We'll be here when you're ready to play New World.