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AFA Gaming

Mission Statement

Alpha Five Assassins Gaming 

Founded in 2019. We are a Uk based casual and competitive multi-gaming community.
Welcoming all ranges of skills, Tactical, Team Press, All Combat strategies etc in our FPS titles. We have a ranking structure which is flexible to members. We are open to all regions & welcome on all platforms. 

AFA provide as non toxic, friendly welcoming atmosphere for new recruits to join and be comfortable. 
This can be your safe haven to join up with others and relax after work too. We are flexible around work & other commitments. Holding events and charity events for Mental Health Awareness. 



  • Headset
  • Discord
  • Active
  • 18+
  • ​​​​16+ (Academy)

Key Abilities 

  • ​​​​​​Team Player
  • Supportive
  • leadership 
  • positive attitude 

If you want to Join AFA and be enrolled head to our site and contact us @




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