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Alpha Dog is a premium gaming lifestyle brand and esports organization built in the online intersection of competitive gaming, entertainment, and apparel. Unlike most organizations, our premise is to always drive positive change in people, communities, and organizations around us. As we thrive so do you. Our goal is to have an established gaming community that will be able to cater to the needs of competitive players and casual players alike looking for an amazing time, great memories and a place to call home. We host weekly game-nights for you to meet the rest of the Alpha Dogs as we also guarantee that you will never be alone, you will always have other players to game with, we strive to make sure everyone feels that they are apart of this family.


We are an organization locked and loaded to fund competitive teams on all platforms & games. We are currently searching for pro teams/players which also consist of individuals or teams that have won or participated in competitive environments with proof of participation, after all we want to make sure our sponsorship goes to the right place and supports those who have worked extremely hard to get where they currently are.

As for entertainment, we also support small streamers and gamers by providing a platform for them to connect and support each other. We're always busy working with sponsors and teams/players to send them to compete and represent Alpha Dog n the best way they can while providing our players with opportunities they might not have had at first.


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Yes we most certainly do. We currently sponsor teams and even single players in online leaderboards and wager games. As shown above our Halo 5 Pro Series team has placed in the Halo Championship Series this year and played against top tier organizations such as Cloud9If consistency and talent is evident in public media content, we will consider a sponsorship.







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AD Max

10th Nov 2022 - 1:40pm

Hey Guys! It's AD Max here, Alpha Dog community is a growing gaming and esports community looking for new people who are interested in meeting new people and being able to be apart of a team! We have many different channels you can text and send stuff in! Our community will be only growing day after day and we cant wait to see you on this Journey! Make sure to join the discord provided at the top! Or click the link here! See you's on the other side Alpha Dogs!