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Alpha Wolves

Mission Statement


We are a very friendly community of Gamers from all backgrounds. We have a zero toxicity policy and do not tolerate any rude language or behavior to our members. We host community events in all kinds of games such as Halo infinite, Minecraft, Among Us and many others. We are a collection of people from all around the world. You must be at least 16 years old to join. We have a very healthy presence of Twitch Streamers and Content Creators in the server so you will be part of future streams and videos made! We accept all platforms such as Xbox, Play Station, PC, and Nintendo Switch. We are working very hard to make this community fun and welcoming to all. We are also working on getting a competitive team started for all kinds of games. Come join us and lets have some fun!


How To Join! Click the discord tab and it will take you to our server. Once in an admin will greet you and help you get settled in! 



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