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(Anthem PC) new World order

Mission Statement

Welcome to The nWo. We consist of a small but wide group of PC gamers who drift from game to game together for a few years now.  We come from different and diverse walks of life, but have a found a common bond in PC gaming.  We are casual PvE/PvP clan that believes in having a good time. And loot. We believe in loot.

We are more of a Discord community that plays many online games together, and while we don't tend to focus down on one game in particular, we maintain a presence in many games.  Right now you can find us in games like Monster Hunter, Warframe, Diablo 3, Ace Combat 7, Dragonball Fighterz, and more.

Currently, we are planning to go heavy into Anthem (please be good, please be good) and would love more people to talk and play with since it is a social game.  While Anthem does not have clans per se, you can never have too many allies at your back, unless you like playing with RANDOS *shutters*

So if you want a team to play with and maybe some cool people to talk to, we might be for you.  Even if you are a solo player that doesn't mic up much, but might need some help now and again, we'd welcome you.  Everyone gains by banding together!

We have a very active Discord community that we urge everyone to be a part of if they can.  Feel free to drop in at:

The one (and kind of the only) rule is to be kind and respectful to each other - the clan is a family!

Thanks for the time, and always remember nWo is 4 Life!


- Discord, Steam: Rocky Suezo  - Origin: Silver Suezo 




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