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Art Ltd.

Mission Statement

Art Ltd. wishes to unite people of all origins and classifications in an attempt to create a harmonious, relaxing, and enjoyable gaming environment that's suitable for people of all ages. Just as kids want to have fun and not be harassed, the last thing an adult wants to do is come home from work and deal with someone that has a nasty attitude. Games are meant to be entertaining and we aim to keep it that way.

The company home world will be on the "Kay" server of New World, faction TBD.

We expect most individuals joining to have regular responsibilities and will be playing casually or during set times. We anticipate that most activity will occur during the below time frames:

  • Monday: 6-11 PM CST
  • Tuesday:6-11 PM CST
  • Wednesday:6-11 PM CST
  • Thursday:6-11 PM CST
  • Friday: 6-11 PM CST
  • Saturday: 1-11 PM CST
  • Sunday: 1-11 PM CST

Current long-term goals focus around:

  • Being renown crafters and resource providers on the trading post and;
  • Company focused PvE
  • Lead trading guild on home server
  • Lead crafting guild on home server
  • Lead custom builders on home server
  • Achieving 50-100 members