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Blackwatch Brotherhood

Mission Statement

Enjoy Gaming Alone? I Didn't Think So! 
Come Join the Family Today and Start Making Friends and Memories!

Blackwatch brotherhood has been growing and evolving for over half a decade now and this process has really tested our foundation as a group. As some people come and go there are others who are the core of Blackwatch Brotherhood. These are the people that have stuck around through thick and thin and make Blackwatch Brotherhood what it is today. This commitment, dedication, and willingness is what makes Blackwatch brotherhood the absolute best place to be! Our community prides itself in a drama free and positive atmosphere and environment. Everyone can be themselves without worry of judgement or ridicule. We understand that everyone is unique in their own way and none of us are here to single anyone out. There is no skill assessment or need to be a pro, just bring your a-game and have fun! One of the biggest keys to our success is actively maintaining a positive platform for our community. Any and all types of drama or negativity is dealt with in a quick and timely manner to allow our community to feel safe and comfortable not matter who they’re playing or chatting with. Any type of shaming or blaming will be handled proficiently and professionally. We enjoy many different games and have a following across several. Blackwatch Brotherhood is always interested to start making its name known in new games. If there are any games you would like to see Blackwatch Brotherhood become a part of please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know. We have a very broad spectrum of interests in many different genres and would love to have your input!

Founded October 16, 2014 Blackwatch Brotherhood is a close tight knit family of gamers that have known eachother for several years.
We are always looking to add new and exciting people to our rosters to game with. We really think you'll love it here!




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