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Casual Thrower Guild

Mission Statement

Casual Throwers Guild was formed in September 9 at the open beta of New world. The goal of the newly formed guild is to build a Guild in new world and expend our reach in various games. We are just starting out and looking for people whio like to build a Guild/Clan/Community as Friends. 

The requirements for normal entry. Atleast 16 years of age.

Have discord

Active in discord [Atleast write a few things in the discord]


The requirement for the arma 3 section:

Have a working Microphone.

Teamspeak 3 

Discord [Event announcement]


Information about the guild.

We are a EU Guild. We do accept US and other people but timezone will hinder many things. We also do not discriminate by any means! You also don't need to be good at the game! If you have psychological problems or topics that are sensitive please put it in the "Why do you want to join CTG" we will be there to help you if you need some.

Arma 3 section 

We have our own mod which is developed actively by one of our member. The Arma 3 Group was formed in November 2018 which we called CISEF. 

We also have a partnership with another community which we share the arma 3 server and the teamspeak. 


We hope to see you in the guild and join us in the future guild raids and Arma 3 missions. have a great day!