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Mission Statement

We are CRYN Gaming:

Discord Server:


Our goal is to become a safe gathering for all competitive or casual players.

About CRYN Gaming:

We are a growing Australian/New Zealand English-speaking Gaming Team enjoying the community of like-minded gamers and focusing on team play. 

We want to create a pleasant atmosphere and a strong sense of belonging; you do not need to be a pro player to participate, as we all recognize that learning and collaboration require time. CRYN Gaming welcomes all gamers, regardless of ability level.

We believe that teamwork should be utilized to bring people together. We create a positive environment by using a team system to connect. When you join our discord, you have access to our dedicated community and the sense of belonging to a dedicated group.

Finally, we will encourage you to improve and thrive! We don't just recruit players; we see you as potential friends and members of our fantastic community for a long time.

All about the Games:

We love gaming; our members are not limited to FPS; we are always looking for the next craze game.

Please invest in a mic; it makes discord and communication so much more enjoyable for all, and we want to hear your voice.

What CRYN offers:

We are growing; you are getting in on the ground level

We are a small and close group

Non-toxic community

Great group of somewhat mature men

Experienced gamers

Showcase your skills to the community, humour, gaming, technology, art, etc.

Fast-paced environment for you to grow as a player

Short and sweet:

Come gives us an ago, we would enjoy getting to know you.

Please remember we all work full-time, So stop by and leave a message; we will get back to you.

P.S. We do not play Fortnite






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