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Mission Statement



  • Who are we?


We are Eclipse. A multi platform gaming organization that strives to meet the needs of everyone, we offer casual and competitive gameplay. Although we have both casual and competitive the two do not cross over, but instead the casual players morally support those playing in tournaments. We aim to help others train their skills and seek to help get their name out, while for casual we seek to create a nice community for those to meet new people to play with and build friendships.


  • What can Eclipse do for you?


Eclipse can help small streamers/youtubers who become content creators by featuring them in events, and promoting their videos. We offer them spots in tournaments and scrims to not only get them prize money but also get their name out in the eSports community.  


  • What do I have to do to join?


Nothing! If you are looking to join as a casual player there are no requirements so long as you are non toxic, and mature. However our comp team is closed to a select few who pass their tryouts so if you feel like you're up to the challenge we would love to give you a tryout when available.


  • What is Eclipse’s comp team like?


Eclipse currently has a team for Fortnite, and Valorant. We hope to open more teams soon. Our comp members get paid through their earnings, meaning that if you win money in a tournament you will keep what you win. if you are playing with a teammate then the winnings are split evenly. However Eclipse will take 15%  of your earnings in order to promote Eclipse and its comp players. It is stated above that any money we make off of an individual's content, 15% of that will go back to the player. So you will eventually break even with Eclipse.


  • Where can i join?

We have a discord that anyone is welcome to join:







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30th Jan 2021 - 10:44pm

I would like to join your comp team. My most recent fortnite tournament i got top 2 percent with my trio. WNTR_Glitch is my gamertag


19th Jan 2021 - 7:47am

Hey, I'm a creative warrior and decent in arenas. I would love it if you give me the opportunity to join this team :)


9th Jan 2021 - 5:27pm

Hey, I'm 16, play on PS4, I'm down to play with anyone on any platform. I am looking to join as a competitive player. I have a YT that i upload montages too that i edit myself and all the clips are by me. I use discord and instagram too. I am looking to meet new and amazing people and find other people to play competitively with. :)

If you are interested in checking out my YT lemme know and ill link it :)


9th Jan 2021 - 10:51am

I would like to apply to your competitive fortnite team. I am a 15 year old and I have had several high placements in EU-region tournaments and am looking for a team that would pay me.


8th Jul 2020 - 12:49pm

Hey! I'm Michael Vettori. I'm a digital marketer for a couple of college paper writing sites, professionally. I'm also a frequent gamer and game in local tournaments from time to time. I've watched a couple of Eclipse's gameplay, and I'm truly amused by the sheer amount of professionalism and skill in these guys. Hoping to join someday!


6th Jul 2020 - 8:00am

I am a 15 year old content creator/streamer. My goal is to become a well known streamer/youtuber that entertains people. I stream almost everyday consistently for more than 5 hours each stream. I am very passionate with my gaming career and I hope to have a future in this industry. I am searching for a Fortnite Team that will give me the opportunity to grow my channel and get my name out there.


  • Play on 100% x & y sense (Highest Sense Gamer in the whole world)
  • 16000 DPI
  • 350 wins
  • 10000 kills 

Check out my Twitch and YouTube for clips and content


Twitch -

YouTube -


Can I tryout or join??


27th Jun 2020 - 9:14pm

hi i am a 15 year old from the U.K and have been gaming for years. I have recently started a youtube channel and have been looking to get in a clan for a while. Would love to join as a casual player but looking into competitive 


7th Jun 2020 - 9:48pm

Hi Phantom. I was wondering how we get into the team. I’m currently enjoying Valorant so I am looking for a Valorant competitive team. As you may know Valorant competitive is not ON at the moment but on Closed beta I managed to get Plat 1. I am looking forward on joining the clan and compete. Thank you very much


3rd Jun 2020 - 6:04pm

I would love to join this gaming clan so I can make new friends/teammates. I am a very competitive Fortnite player who would love to get better and participate in this clan. I have been playing since Season 2 and since been getting better. I am in Division 8 in Arena with 6105 points currently. Let me know if I can join. Have a wonderful day!