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F14 Gaming

Mission Statement


F14 Gaming is a community dedicated to connecting Real-Time Strategy & Multiplayer Online Battle Arena players together under one conglomerate. Being formally materialised in the early months of 2020, we're currently striving to make player finding simple, easy and trouble free for all your favourite titles. Therefore, if you have a passion for lengthy campaigns, enjoy the complexity of breaking down your opponents strategy or are simply eager to squad up in your preferred battle arena title - join a community that would be thrilled to welcome you to the family!


Team F14 was originally founded back in 2013 by a close group of University Friends. The name, inspired by our flat number, soon become our mantra and the tag [F14] was born. Since our humble beginnings as game server owners & MOBA team players, we’ve worked towards creating a friendly, welcoming and enjoyable gaming community for everyone to join; there are no applications, prerequisites, hassle or commitment requirements.

The Early 2020’s

A time, arguably, lost to the history books. With a hostile social climate, environmental challenges & a worldwide health pandemic, 2020 has seen some difficult times and will see our future generations learning & criticising our decisions. Social dynamic’s have certainly adapted during these times and this is recognised in communities such as F14.

With a surplus of contributors and members, F14 has grown exponentially to the community we’ve today. We’ve developed a positive, friendly environment where people have an opportunity to express themselves and immerse themselves in titles they enjoy to play with others all without prejudice.


F14 Gaming is striving towards becoming a renowned gaming-hub, primary focus of making it easy to find other gamer’s to play your favourite title. We absolutely adore Real-Time Strategy (RTS) & Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games and host a variety of game nights, lengthy campaigns and general community events (with prizes of course!).


In order to become a member of F14 Gaming, join our Discord or read more about us via the following links below: