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FaTe United Gaming

Mission Statement

We welcome you to FaTe United Gaming if you just want to click on the TV sit back in your recliner and always have someone to watch your back or to just party up with and go sailing, raiding, racing, or even strategize against. Pop in our discord where its always a great discussion with everyone and no-one will turn you down from a good meme or two.

 We are a clan filled with regular people, veterans, people currently serving, aswell as people with disabilities. If you game and want no judgement. Look no further.

We are cross platform. Xbox, PC, and PS. We have directed leaders for each system and complaints or concerns can be directed straight to them. Where they than can either going to the highest person or make a decision backed by another leader.

Our leaders are well experienced in their roles and one admin will always be online no matter what. 24/7 365 days a year

Upon joining our discord read our RULES Channel and react to the MEE6 bots message to be able to join voice chats and utilize our discord bots to the fullest. 



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2nd Feb 2021 - 5:12am

Love this Clan! only joined since MW:19 and have stuck with since. I can always hop into the discord and ask if anyone wants to play a game and I'll get an answer within 5mins for battle buddie.


2nd Feb 2021 - 5:06am

been with the clan since 2006, we used to make quick-scoping videos for MW and MW2. we've morphed into a community that plays games to have fun and complete challenges whether they be self made or dev made.