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Filthy Casual Gamers

Mission Statement

We are not exclusive, you can play with us and with other clans.

  • English language only (Mandatory)
  • Join Discord or Game voice chats (Recommended)
  • Any use of foul language is forbidden (Imperative)
  • being respectful of other people believes, race, and orientation. (Imperative)
  • Share your battle tag and/or steam (Mandatory)
  • join the clan activities (Recommended)  
  • Be an ambassador for the community
  • be kind in game to everyone
  • Drama free in clan and on Diablo 4 with strangers
  • Don't argue with people online
  • Help the community to grow
  • Be welcoming of the new users, try to show them around.
  • Play before with the clan members, before looking for party elsewhere
  • Always keep the mood up
  • Be generous, and help clan members in need if you can
  • Speak up if there are issues in the clan directly with me or if you have ideas that can help us grow  




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10th May 2024 - 11:51am

Is Diablo 4 still alive? I thought the developers finished it off with their indifference to the community by releasing 5 daily season passes every 3 months. Although at first the game was really great, it was crude and I had to use d4 carry a little