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Ghostly Gaming

Mission Statement

Hello! We are the Ghostly Gaming Clan. A bit about our clan, we are small at the moment but that's a good thing, are you tired of massive unorganized clans where you feel immediately overwhelmed and it seems like no one knows each other? Would you like to be in a more exclusive clan where one must earn his/her keep before being accepted into the fold? That's what we do, too many clans these days do not test out their members, they expand to fast and don't take time to establish a connection with their members. We correct this mistake with our prospecting process. Our clan is very tight and we are always gaming together no body feels like a stranger because no one is a stranger. If you want to be in a clan that has massive member counts and dozens of people to talk to this clan is not the one for you. But if your looking for a close knit clan in which you can make real friends within it who are here for more than just gaming we are friends outside gaming as well. No matter where you live what race or gender we are all family here. We have a ranking system to offer members things to work towards we have our hands in just about any game you can imagine and are always looking for new games to play. Click the link on our clan profile to join our discord and become a prospect today! 


PS: If you are a clan leader interested in having clan battles join the discord and ask for IBSteadyGhostin or send us an email at [email protected]



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