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Gray Fans

Mission Statement

At GrayFans, our mission is to forge an unbreakable community within the Rust universe. We strive to foster teamwork, camaraderie, and resilience, empowering our members to conquer challenges, leave a lasting impact, and create an inclusive and supportive environment for all players. Together, we thrive, adapt, and shape our destiny in the relentless pursuit of victory.



  • Age: 15+
  • Composure and focus during PvP or roaming
  • Adherence to assigned roles
  • Active participation on wipe days
  • Regular activity (with valid reasons for occasional absence)
  • Attentiveness and willingness to listen


  • All members participate in roams, raids, and PvP, unless assigned otherwise

  • PvP/Monument Team:

    • Preferred 1k hours (with some flexibility)
    • Proficient 200m AK spray
    • Clear communication skills
    • Team player, cooperative spirit
    • Ability to defend builders and exhibit monument knowledge
    • Excellent game sense and capability to solo run monuments
  • Build Team:

    • Preferred 500 hours (with emphasis on building skills)
    • Impressive 125m+ AK spray
    • Proficiency in original base designs (no YouTube templates)
    • Knowledgeable in implementing electricity in bases
  • Farm Team / Base Bandits:

    • Preferred 200 hours
    • Skilled 100m+ AK spray or T2 weapons
    • Willingness to farm as needed
    • Ability to organize kits, boxes, and furnaces
    • Attentive, complaint-free attitude
    • Ability to farm collectively

Join the GrayFans clan today and embark on thrilling Rust adventures, where resilience, collaboration, and skill converge to forge an unstoppable force. Together, we will conquer the Rust frontier!






7th Jan 2024 - 9:25pm

I have 600 hours and i'm 16 y/o from europe i would say i do everything is rust pretty average to pvp, sorting , farming , roaming or whatever you need lmk (good ping in EU and PC setup and working and clear microphone if this a NA clan i can't join due to high ping) and i can be a base bandit or pvper


31st Aug 2023 - 11:34pm

Hey im interested in joing your clan. I have 1000 hours and would enjoy farming for you guys while also clicking some foreheads. Im bored of the quad scene and have recently gone back to solo because my friends started playing league of legends for some unholy reason.