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Grim Crusaders Multi Gaming Community [GRIM] Oceanic Region

Mission Statement

Hi, we are the GRIM Crusaders an Australian based gaming Community. The GRIMS were founded in 2011 and have actively played Destiny since it's inception in 2014. We currently have a very active PC roster, with consistent weekly clears on end-game content. Founding members ShadowGeizt and Darklight are still actively running raids and managing the clan. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, our core group is looking for additional members leading into Forsaken and Year II of Destiny 2. Both PC and PS4.

All members are required to join and be active on our discord channel, as leaders are very active on the channels. Our main focus as a clan is PVE, especially end-game content. Attitude, activity, maturity and the ability to listen are what we seek in new members. 

For more information please contact; Darklightfor PC and Aussie4180 for PS4.

Go to discord link and message Darklight your intentions to join. 

Happy Gaming!