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Hellraising Gaming™

Mission Statement

We are a Gaming Organization with an E-Sports division which is now recruiting!

Hellraising Gaming(HRG) promotes a non-toxic atmosphere to socialize and game. We believe that you need a place to make new friendships and keep old ones. We have an active community so you can always find someone to game with. We have a Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC divisions depending on the platform you play most on. 
We came into existence to conquer the E-Sports and Gaming Realm!!

Don't let our name fool you though because we are a non-toxic community but we fight hard in the gaming world. 

We support Xbox, PC and PlayStation gaming platforms. You must be 14+ and older to join the Core Community.

Hellraising Gaming is owned by Tier 3 Gaming LLC. 

"We are here, We rise above, and we show no fear. We are Hellraising Gaming!!"

Benefits that we provide as an Official Member:



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3rd Place (Small Clans)

For coming 3rd place in the monthly top small clans vote.

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4th May 2021 - 9:17am

Hi i would love to join your clan. I am a very good player especially on Rocket League and Fortnite and i even have som earnings from solos cash cup where i landed on top 15 place.


Im looking for a team that are playing smart and fun and becom a better player.

Cerberus vR

23rd Apr 2021 - 2:13am

I'm wondering, do you guys add HRG to your gaming names [or have clans in game] (Like OpTic, FaZe, NRG, G2.. etc do)? I'm looking for a clan that does it and is serious. I'm looking to become a streamer and pro in the near future on Rocket League, COD & Rainbow Six Siege but when I join a clan I want everyone to know who we are and that we are serious.


23rd Apr 2021 - 7:19am

Yes. So it's optional of course but you can either do it as the following:
HRG gamertag

We also have clans and clubs in some of the main games that we have HRG in. Or if you are really good at a particular game you can put HRGC in your name so everyone knows to watch out as well. But if you are going for competitive play it's a requirement to put HRG in your gamertag on the game you are playing comp in.


5th Feb 2021 - 12:12pm

Hi I’m D2 and I want to be a comp player my epic is: XXDX CHAZ