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How to choose the perfect jewelry faceting device

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It can be difficult and personal to pick the right gemstone faceting machine for you. Before you can make a decision about which machine is best for you, it's important to compare the features of all machines. There are many factors to be aware of.


Before we move on to machines, let's look at each of the following qualities: repeatability.


This means that each time you cut stone, the same actions will produce the same result. You don't have reinvent the wheel every single time you need to cut a round brillant. The concept of repeatability means that you have a reference point that will help you to cut.


This means that you can still use a machine after buying a new one in five years, ten years and maybe even 20 years. You can expect faceting machines to last a lifetime if they are properly maintained. Accuracy over the entire life of the machine, as well its accessories, is also a sign of reliability.


This refers to the speed at which you can cut a piece of stone. Faceting machines can be compared to find the best compromise between accuracy and speed.


This indicates how easily the machine is able to cut perfect stones. Faceting machines are needed to make straight faces on rocks.


Along with accuracy and speed, cost will likely be the main deciding factor. Cost tells us how much we need to buy a new machine. It includes shipping costs, import taxes, and accessories.


There are some gem faceting machines that can't be purchased as they have been discontinued. This will affect your decision because buying used has a completely different experience and comes with different risks than buying new. As we assume you're buying new jewelry making equipment from the manufacturer in nearly all cases, it's fair to compare them.



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