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Join COG Gaming, Looking for a Squad Gen and Internal Affairs Officer.

Mission Statement

Are you sick and tired of playing with random players on Call of Duty or Halo?  
Join Coalition of Gamers you won't have to put up with those players that have absolutely no skill or refuse to go for the objective. With COG you will be in the next gen gaming community that offers the cutting edge of tactics and objective play.  
The new Halo and Call of Duty are in the edge of being released and with that COG is looking for mature and active members to associate with! Join COG and get in on the best Modern Warfare Halo Action with friends. Meet new members and party up in public ranked servers! By joining COG you are making the choice to stray away from the public players and engage in a friendly environment with other players just like yourself.  
We accept all types of players from competitive too casual to even clip hunters! We have a place for you!  
We plan on having competitive teams for the competitive players that wish to get a competitive edge on their opponents. Casual players can indulge in normal based squads on any game they desire from CoD to Halo. 
Coalition of Gamers better known as COG, is a multi console community for the age ages 18+, that provides a wide variety of gaming experience. We are looking for members from all over the world, including the US, Europe, Asia, etc.  
COG was established on August 2020 is looking for competitive gamers for the gaming scene for Call of Duty Modern Warfare as well as Halo and other games eventually. We are looking for new members to join us and make us big.  
We play mostly play first person shooters like Call of Duty/ to Halo With the massive inventory of games, we play, you are assured to not feel left out, no matter what you play, there will always be someone online.  
Some of the feature you will get to experience as a clan member are:  

- Active discord server with someone who is always online 

-A full chat box to communicate easily with other members  
-A well-developed rank system 
- We plan on having competitive teams  

At COG we promise you will have loads of fun, and the best clan experience there is to offer. Everything is made possible in whole by our amazing staff that keep everything under control and structure the clan. Hop in on our chat box and say hello!  
If you’re interested in joining COG please comment or message me.  

Best Regards,  

The  COG leadership