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Mission Statement

About us:Logo

Jötunn was founded around the start of 2019 with the sole purpose of serving the players.  We then seek to bring players together and allow them to help form the community.

Everyone within Jötunn has an equal voice and the ability to effect Jötunn's future. This can be done directly through our support channel, which is heavily moderated. Everything is noted down and taken into heavy consideration.

Be weary of that fact that we are a new community. We then ask for your patience to stick with us as we grow.

Getting Access

Getting access to the server is in fact quite simple. All you need to do is move over to #role-selection and select the games you wish to play.

Note that its optional to chose, where you are from and the @Member role is only for those who share the same aspiration as Jötunn.


Our Games

  • Smite

  • Vermintide 2

  • Dauntless