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Kingdom Come Deliverance

Mission Statement

Basically a clan for people who just want to have fun playing games. We play a wide variety of games and we play on all consoles. Our #1 game though is Destiny 2, so if you have the game for PS4 do join our clan on Like I mentioned before we're just having fun and also since I make videos on YouTube, you guys will get a chance to be a part of that experience as well.

If you do nothing in this clan, you will be rewarded with nothing but if you do something you will be rewarded like a King!


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22nd Jul 2017 - 1:31am

A New Website is in the works so that players from all games and consoles have a place to hang out and find players to help them in there quests. The website is far from launch, we're hoping for a Q2 2018 release but it might be pushed back to Q4 depending on how the next few days go. I'll keep you guys updated on the development on here until that site is up. Thank you for your time.