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Knights of Shadowhawk

Mission Statement

Knights of Shadowhawk
PVX | EST Servers | Casual/Competitive | Player Friendly | Alpha 2 (Not Required)

Alpha 2 Goals
• Expand our ranks of Knights and Officers alike
• Explore Verra and learn all we can to be successful come launch
• Provide insight for Knights not able to invest into Alpha/Betas
• Help test the game to make it as great as possible!

Our Goals in Ashes of Creation
-To compete competitively and casually with our community while growing the guild to experience Ashes of Creation in a fun and enjoyable fashion.
• Become a Patron Guild of a Node
• Help allies attain a Server First Metropolis
• Capture a Server First Guild Castle
• Complete Server First End Game Raids and Dungeons
• Engage in End Game Crafting and Economics
• Participate in Sieges, Navy Warfare, World Events, etc.
If the Lands of Verra offer it, the Knights of Shadowhawk want to conquer it!

Who We Are
Knights of Shadowhawk is a family orientated guild with a solid core of players with a like-minded sense of honor and integrity. Founded in 2003 in the lands of Norrath (Everquest), the Knights of Shadowhawk was founded on a strict set of values, principles, and our Code of Honor. We welcome all types of players from casual to hardcore, PvE to PvP, and crafters to gathers.

Our Code of Honor
-No cheating, exploiting, hacking or any variation of the sort.
-Respect is given to friend and foe alike.
-To fight with Loyalty, Integrity, and Ambition.
-Have fun, make memories, leave a legacy.

Why become a Knight?
The Knights of Shadowhawk offers a unique family-centric playstyle that combines hardcore and casual gamers under one flag with a 'no man left behind' mentality. We flourish by lending aid to one another and growing collectively, versus individually while still completing end game content and pvp in a fun yet competitive atmosphere. KoS focuses on a "player fun first" leadership style by letting the weight of hard decisions and in-depth research fall on the shoulders of your superior officers so that you can experience the game the way you want. With well experienced shot callers, raid leaders, dungeon experts, and decades of hardcore PvPers at its helm, the Knights of Shadowhawk want to encourage you to enlist today!

Guild Leadership
The Knights of Shadowhawk is led by three brothers (Shank, Antipaladin, and Sezzerous) who each have an extensive amount of MMO experience. The guild hierarchy is a simple vertical progression system of leaders and members with a promote from within policy and a player focused mindset. Leadership roles are earned through varies qualities such as:
• Loyalty and dedication to the betterment of the guild and its knights.
• Active participation in Ashes of Creation discussion as well as participation in the community.
• Ambitious and selfless nature with an "others first" mentality.
• Leadership traits, skills, and knowledge that add value to the overall leadership core.
Knight Commander - @ShankNemesis (Discord) ShankNemesis#3776
Knight Crusader - @Antipaladin (Discord) antipaladin#7355
Knight Crusader - @Sezzerous (Discord) Sezzerous#3432

Guild Requirements
• Speak and understand English
• Abide by our Code of Honor
• Actively play and participate with the guild
• Communication through Discord (Mic Required)
• Motivated to grow within the guild and help it prosper
• Follow the path that lets you have the most fun

Please feel free to reach out for more information or questions!

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