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Libertas Legion

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(2023 Trailer)


The Libertas Legion has been bringing people together and gaming for over 8 years, offering players, whether male, female, or Apache members, a place to find a chilled, active, and strongly bonded community of good-humored and good-spirited members. We offer a fair and free community where you can say what you please, be who you want without fear of admins or moderators looking to ban you at the earliest convenience, and most of all, we are adults! This means no drama, no bullshit, and we will not force you to get along with others while at the same time we won’t hold your hand. If you’re looking for a home rather than a clan and are wanting to be active and socialize within a community and be part of something a little bit more, then please look no further and check out the Libertas Legion.





- 18+

- Be able to take jokes

- Have access to Discord and a microphone


For more info or to join, come check us out at:

[Click me!]




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11th Aug 2023 - 10:13am

I'll just add that this game is excellent and enjoyable. Come to run 3  free on this platform if you're bored in your free time and start playing this board game there without having to download anything or sign up.


29th Jun 2021 - 5:08pm

Looking to apply but when I click the link, it says the domain doesn't exist. Is there another way to apply that I'm missing?