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Little Light League

Mission Statement

We are a Destiny 2 [PC] clan comprised of a core group of PvE and PvP oriented players. We seek mature members that are invested in the game. Our playerbase stretches far around the world, we accept New lights to hardcore raiders! We are glad to have you on the server whether it is to join a temporary raid, or if you are looking for your next Destiny home!

Requirements to join
1) Joining the Discord is a REQUIREMENT
(More information on how to join the clan can be found in the discord server.)

2) Registered with Charlemagne (In discord)

3) Invested in the game (Preferably 100+ hours, but we will gladly accept anyone below said preferences depending on discord activity)

4) Have maturity and common sense.

5) Active chatter in the discord :)
Permanent Discord link:

Steam group:


Created 10/11/2020