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Lost Souls Gaming Community

Mission Statement

Lost Souls Gaming Community is a group of nearly 10000 Gamers spanning multiple discord servers. We host community servers for Dayz Servers on Playstation and PC as well as Console Rust Servers for our members (Once available). We strive to provide an environment that's satisfying for both casual and competitive players alike. We offer matchmaking services and channels for some of the top FPS games such as Splitgate, Siege, COD Warzone and Cold War, Apex, and Battlefield. We are open to players of all skill levels, all platforms, and all ages 13+ (Due to Discord TOS)! Our community is rapidly expanding, with plans to incorporate new games like Minecraft, PUBG, and more into our offerings! Come experience the peak of gaming. Come experience Lost Souls!



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23rd Sep 2021 - 8:37am

Hello your discord like as expired, and I'd REALLY like to apply to be in your clan! I'm tired of solo que on Splitgate and really need friends and a clan to run with!!! Please let me know how to contact you guys ! My gt is Devonisgodduh and my Steam is Bryur

Also my discord is Bryur#0959 please get in touch with me !!!! Thanks