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Mature CoD Gamers MWII 19+

Mission Statement

We are NA-based and focus on Call of Duty MW3 primarily, sometimes MW2. 19+ only. (you can be in other regions, but we'll be on NA servers)

We play most afternoons/evenings from 6pm-11pm eastern. 

We play Multiplayer: Hardpoint, Headquarters, and sometimes ranked.

We play Plunder / DMZ too.

We are competitive in the sense we like to win our games and have good comms, but we also prioritize just having fun and being respectful.

We are a small but close group looking to expand a bit. 

Join our discord and let's game together!

To see all of our rules please look on discord, but in short: we want to play with people who know how to use discord VC, who work together as a team in some way, going for wins but staying respectful and chill also. All skill levels are accepted as long as there's some effort to work together. We will play one verification game with you to make sure things seem chill, then you're in the full server. 






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27th Jan 2024 - 7:01pm

[2024] Hello there! We are trying to grow, but we do have some basic rules (non-toxic, mic works, etc). we basically just do 1 game with you to make sure things seem chill and then you're in. Sometimes it takes a day for a mod to be available for this, but we try to be available ASAP. All skill levels are accepted as long as theres some effort to work together. You can view more detailed rules in the discord. This month we've been playing a lot of multiplayer (both pubs & ranked) (“6pm-12am ET), and we have some members playing plunder / DMZ as well. Come play with us!

JD Pyatt

1st Dec 2023 - 9:33pm

How do you join this clan? I joined on the Discord, but haven't verified anything with anyone.


15th Nov 2023 - 8:12am

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11th Nov 2023 - 4:33am

Hey guys, I just crossed over your clan and was wondering if you wanted a website to be made. I don't see one on here and I could totally make a website for you and your team! It could have tryout dates and such, you guys are also 19+ so I don't have to worry about immature younger teens. If your interested please reach out and we can get a deal set for it, I don't do it for free but I am thinking of ideas to where I could!