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New World Psycho's Paradise

Mission Statement

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About Us


Hello traveller, you have traveled long and far and found yourself here at Psycho's Paradise.

We are a laid back, chilled community that is there for each other all of the time; anumber of players have known each other for years now and have great friendships on the server, and we would love to have you join us too! We offer more games than just New World for example, we offer Warzone, Apex and much more. Come and join the party on the main island and chill with us.

Please see what server we are currently playing on this will change in the future as we are expecting free server transfers in the coming weeks so we will not be waiting in a 3-hour queue... So If you are not even on our server and wish to join us come and see what we are all about and once we have chosen servers claim your free transfer and move with us and join the company

Sever: Eurytheia

Faction: Covenant 

Comany:  Psycho's Paradise