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No Remorse (nR)

Mission Statement

No Remorse nR


No Remorse is a gaming community for people 16 years of age or older, that was created on January 3rd, 2020. The main purpose of this community is to provide a better gaming environment filled with other people for you to game with. The leadership behind the community are here to build and maintain that experience. We are always looking to innovate and bring new things to nR to keep things fun, exciting, and a place of opportunity for those looking to get more deeply involved in helping run the community.


Here in No Remorse, we dedicate our priorities towards the gaming experience. We happily support three main platforms (Xbox, PS, and PC) and encourage everyone to expand their gaming collection. With us, find similar gamers on familiar platforms to party up with, host and join events, or simply have a good time talking to.


Here in No Remorse, we have standards and values we like to uphold. From previous experience, there are several values that I have come to appreciate and are values I look to encourage within our community. Some of the most important things we look for when considering positions in our community are:

- Loyalty
- Trust in Others
- Friendship

Loyalty is sometimes hard to come by in a passionate community and only certain opportunities will expose true loyalty. This is possibly the hardest trait to identify but we look to gain and keep people's loyalty to the nR community.

Trust in Others is something that should always be valued when creativity is let loose. People can only learn and progress if they have the opportunity. Of course, not everyone can be given limitless boundaries but leadership needs to know when it's okay to give others the opportunity the lead.

Friendship is not something that can be forced; however, we are gamers, and that is at least one outstanding interest we share here! We strongly encourage everyone to get out there and meet others. We can't expect everyone to be best friends but we do expect you to make the effort!


- Events and Content Creation team with opportunities for you to get involved in & any brave ideas you want to bring to the table
- A very organized Discord server with self-roles and lots of friendly people to chat with!
- A somewhat simplified activity check, this is necessary to keep the server active. Roughly two weeks inactive gets you the inactive role. 
    * We believe as a community and team that every member should be able to talk in the discord at least once a week!*


We may not always see or respond to comments on Looking for Clan as fast as you would like, so the best way to join No Remorse (nR) is simple:

- Grab Discord if you don’t have it already, 
- Create an account if you need one
- Jump into our server via the link here on the LFC Website

One of our friendly Processing Department members will greet you as soon as they can and will have a chat with you to introduce how things work. :)







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