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The Outcasts

Mission Statement

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You have wandered for so long searching for so long in a world where everywhere you look there are only snakes and monstrous people, beating you down to split your crown.

No more shall you meander aimlessly because if you choose our path, decide to become an Outcasts, you will be forever tethered to our Dark lord, for he is the one who cares for all Outcasts when we need a place to call home when we needed a community, there he was, stood arms open wide, ready to welcome us with his hellish Embrace.

So, we are here forever waiting, forever welcoming, we walk through hell for our family, the question is, could you, do the same?



Our member base is mostly above the age of 18 so this means to join us, you must be 16+.

Members of The Outcasts are dedicated to us and to us only so please, if you are in other clans or have other priorities, don't join us. We don't appreciate hoppers.

-No advertising of other Discords.

-Be respectful of others.

-Profanity is allowed. Discriminatory language won't be tolerated

-We have a minimum age limit of 16. Any members that we find/feel to be under 16 will be dismissed from the server per our discretion.

-NSFW or explicit content is not permitted under any circumstances.

-Please do not discuss religion or politics, as those are polarizing subjects.

Oh yes our merchandise!


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Games Played



10th Jan 2023 - 10:05am

I just presented a game called Flappy Bird that I felt was really great; it may be another choice that would be suitable for you and provide you a ton of fun and excitement.


10th Oct 2022 - 8:53am

There is a game called madalin stunt cars that I just introduced and thought was pretty fantastic; it may be another option that would be appropriate for you and provide you with a ton of pleasure and thrill.


9th Oct 2022 - 6:58am

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