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Paladins of Ahamkara

Mission Statement

The Paladins of Ahamkara welcome all Guardians who wish to join. We are always searching for players who are seeking help or wish to help others. All members of the Paladins of Ahamkara must exhibit a respectful attitude towards teammates as well as any other players within the Destiny community.

The Paladins of Ahamkara were once legendary Guardians determined to protect the Ahamkara species during the Great Ahamkara Hunt. The Great Hunt concluded with the extinction of the Ahamkara species, by order of the Vanguard. Set adrift by defeat, the Paladins of Ahamkara were left aimless and devoid of all purpose; until later taking up a newfound cause to fight against the enemies of the Traveler, in order to protect the Last City. Nevertheless, these legendary Guardians decided to retain their former title out of honor.


FATE - Fighting Against the Traveler’s Enemies


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