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Phoenix initiative

Mission Statement

Hello, and welcome to Pheonix Initiative. The Guild of clans, before you go down into the comment section, I would encourage you to check out the website and the subsequent discords, they will have all the information you need.
[I really don't read the messages on here if you need to ask a question I suggest you message me on discord and Ill try and get back to you as soon as I can] 

Current Clans:

  • Destiny 2 [PC ONLY] [Huge] Season 3/Warmind ready! Join now to enter our seasonal competition!
  • ProPain Incorporated a small hang out area for a few games including fornite, overwatch, starcraft 2 and more [small]
  • Monster Hunter World [Xbox and PS4 (the PS4 version is a discord only)] [medium] 

We are a Clan of clans, a guild of guilds or a Clan of guilds or a Guild of clans. We started off as a destiny two only clan and expanded the one clan into 11 with a discord server of 1600+ people (Just the way the Destiny 2 clan system works, it's rather stupid). Now we are expanding into different games, and we are always open to adding new games to the roaster. We are US based (east coast) 

 founded over five years ago by group friends all looking to play the same games together and at the end of the day have a good time. 

We are always open to new members, whether you have little to no experience in the game or have hundreds to thousands of hours, you are welcome to join, Just click on the website tab, then click on the game you want to join and enter the discord and we will get you all sorted out





Before you post a comment check out the website, I do not check the comments here, so you will not be replied to if you leave a comment here

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