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Red Ribbon Army

Mission Statement


Greetings, fellow tenno! Are you on the lookout for a vibrant and supportive clan? Look no further than Red Ribbon Army! Join our Discord and ping @Recruiter for an instant invitation!


About Red Ribbon Army Clan:

Red Ribbon Army is an English-speaking clan centered around Discord, dedicated to fostering player growth and connections across all regions. We welcome players of all experience levels and aim to create a collaborative environment where everyone can thrive while enjoying their Warframe journey.


Our Main Goals:


  1. Player Development: Access to research and guidance from seasoned players to help newcomers navigate the game effectively.
  2. Functional & Stylish Dojo: Explore and decorate our well-crafted Dojo for your enjoyment.
  3. Social Community: Connect with fellow Warframe players via our Discord hub, fostering friendships and camaraderie.


Clan Features:


  • All research unlocked for member benefit.
  • Welcoming players from MR 0 to L4, ensuring inclusivity.
  • Active participation in a larger Alliance, often hosting engaging contests.
  • Access to our Community-tier, level 3 Discord server, featuring eidolon bots and voice channels.
  • Regular updates and additional features based on community feedback.
  • Lightly enforced activity policy, keeping the in-game clan active while preserving community ties for returning members.
  • Access to Alliance chat, connecting you with players from all clans in our alliance network.


Join Red Ribbon Army today and experience Warframe like never before!