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RySe Gaming X NFA Clan

Mission Statement

Hello Potential Applicants,

My name is Brandon aka RySe Slayah, Owner & CEO of both of these teams RySe Gaming & No Fear Allowed [NFA]. We are recruiting for both as we just are now opening the doors for NFA Clan, RySe Gaming has decided to open NFA for our casual applicants who would like to join with no stipulations. NFA is owned & operated by RySe Gaming Staff Members! Please review our message below.

NFA Clan Benefits

  • Divisions & Squads
  • Military Ranking Structure
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Social Media You Can Follow
  • Fully Customized Discord
  • Game Nights & In House Events
  • Giveaways & Contest With Prizes
  • Code of Conduct
  • Workshops Coming Soon
  • Website Coming Soon
  • Merch Coming Soon
  • Excellent Leadership
  • No K/D Requirement or Tryout needed
  • Self Promote Streams & Content
  • Anyone Can Stream No Requirements
  • Mental Health Support

NFA Requirements

  • 14+ to join. 16+ if you want to be leadership such as Division Leader, Council Leader or Founder
  • Headset
  • Must Be Active
  • Must Have Discord
  • Must agree to rules and fill out app
  • Must be mature

RySe Gaming is where most of our more skilled players and staff members will be so Staff, eSports, Streamers & Content Creators as well as pubstompers. To have a position in this organization you must have some talent in one of the above areas. however for RySe we are only recruiting for some games not all.

RySe Benefits

  • Merch
  • Full Custom Discord
  • Code of Conduct
  • Condensed and Simple Ranking Structure
  • Social Media
  • Affiliation Discounts
  • Leadership Opportunity
  • Excellent Leadership
  • Mental Health Support
  • Play With Your Skill Level
  • Website Coming Soon
  • Stream & Content Promotion

RySe Requirements

  • 16+ years of age to join
  • Must have a 1.50 K/D ratio in FPS games
  • Must have headset
  • Must Be Active
  • Must Have Discord
  • Streamers & Content Creators must be streaming from a pc or capture card with a mid size following
  • Must fill out app

If you would like to join either one of these communities please message me and tell me which one NFA is recruiting for all games & RySe is recruiting for Call of Duty, Apex, Rainbow Six Siege. You can also contact me by discord SlayahFPS#2136

Thank you!
Hope to see ya'll here!RySe Gaming X NFA




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