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[SDC] Shadow Company UK

Mission Statement

Shadow Company UK is a social gaming community founded in July of 2021 for those aged 21+ that reside in the UK/EU. Our prime focus is to create a safe and fun environment to make new friends and enjoy good games to get away from the stress that real life may bring.

Supported Games:

Battlefield 2042                                                       ✔️ RECRUITING NOW !!!
Destiny 2                                                                    ❌ NOT CURRENTLY RECRUITING HERE. SORRY.

Supported Games are actively advertised for recruitment with in-game clans (if applicable). The channels for these games will be marked with a ✅

We pride ourselves on being a community-driven discord rich in features to improve your experience, a community full of members willing to help others learn and improve. SDC has a "Play-Any-Game" area so you can group with anyone in the server for any games you wish. We have a levelling system in place to earn new roles within the discord server based on your activity in voice and text channels. We have a variety of channels for general use, including but not limited to General Chat, General Media, Tech Chat, Music Chat, Movie Chat, Free Games, Game Trailers and more. A dedicated music voice channel featuring MEE6 bot youtube intergration! We have live countdowns for upcoming multiplayer games/expansions and Event systems are also in place to easily plan in advance when you want to squad up, tackle a raid or take on any content in our supported games. Aside from our supported games we also have dedicated channels for games like World War 3, Division 2, Squad, Hell Let Loose, Diablo, Halo Infinite, SCUM, and Fallout 4 Modding and are open to introducing new channels with enough interest. And last but not least, we host periodic giveaways for steam keys and more. (requires level 10 in our levelling system)

...We are a social community first and foremost, not a competitive clan. We understand real life always comes first and that gaming is just for fun!







17th Jan 2022 - 3:40pm

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5th Nov 2021 - 6:25pm

SDC is simply the most rewarding gaming community I've ever been part of.

It's great to keep up with everyone regarding upcoming games, tech and general chit chat. 
The community is friendly, welcoming and a pleasure to play games with and it's always a pleasure to talk with about both day to day irl activities as well as in game ones with friendly folks! 

There's always someone around to help out/play with if needed and overall it's a pleasure to be part of this community.