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Sentinel Dawn

Mission Statement

Why play with random Freelancers, Agents and Troopers when you can join a dedicated outfit of gamers? Join Sentinel Dawn and battle in the world of gaming side by side!

Whether you are looking to grind for loot and better gear, taking down strongholds or simply exploring the worlds that have been created for us, then this is the clan for you. Sentinel Dawn is a clan seeking new members to help us grow as players and as an Xbox clan.

We are a multi-gaming clan that started out as purely an Anthem clan but since then we have evolved. Including games such as The Division 2 and Star Wars Battlefront 2. (Games will be removed or added if we deem it fit for the clan)

Join Sentinel Dawn Today!

We are growing and expanding the cause and our looking for dedicated members to help drive Sentinel Dawn forward.

Basic Rules:

  • Age: 16+ (exceptions can be made)
  • No racism or sexism of any kind! (Suspension and Permanent Exclusions apply for breaking this rule.)
  • Respect chain of command.
  • Respect each clan member.
  • Do not target another member of the clan. (If you have an issue with a certain member or the clan in general, speak to a high ranking commander)
  • Simply enjoy playing with the SD Clan and bring the pain to our enemies.


How To Join:

If you wish to join our ranks contact the Dawn Commander on our Instagram page. Show your dedication and interest to the cause and tell us why you want to join.

When contacting the Dawn Commander you will be subjected to a simple questionnaire/application so every potential member has a fair chance of being part of the clan.

From there you will be invited to be apart of our Discord Server!


"Stand United As One. We Are Sentinel Dawn!"