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Sons of Chief

Mission Statement

SoC // Sons of Chief 
We play off the Halo, Tribal and MC Club themes.
SoC has reopened in 2020 we were established in 2018. 
SoC is a Gaming Social Club and membership is exclusive.
You must hang around and be sponsored by a member to be eligible to join.
All are welcome to be a server guest and SoC Supporter
We are a Chill Mature group of gamers. 
WE ARE NON COMPETITIVE! we are not an Esports Team.
Main games: Halo , Call of Duty, and Apex Legends.
Secondary games: Destiny 2, Minecraft, Rocket League and a few others.
we are NOT currently looking for clan battles nor alliances at this time.
SoC Rules of Engagement (Rules for the server)
// SoC is mainly an Xbox social club.  We accept Playstation and PC players on the basis of them playing cross platform games supported by SoC.
// SoC is an 18+ Gaming Social Club. you must be of age to be accepted into the club. no exceptions!
// There is no age requirement to become an SoC Supporter.
// By joining this server you agree to be an SoC supporter. Supporters are guest, allies, affiliates, and SoC hang arounds. 
// To become a full member you must be sponsored by a current active member.
// Weed and Alcohol is accepted. being sloppy while intoxicated is not!
// Harassment of any kind is not tolerated, along with: Bullying, racism, Hard drugs, sexism, intolerance of others sexuality, preferences etc.
// SoC members, staff, allies, supporters, affiliates, hang arounds will all show respect to one another.
// The Council’s word is God! Final! and will be Respected!
// The Council has the right to amend any of the above Rules of Engagement and any Club Rules.
SoC Club Rules (Rules full members must abide by)
// Brothers bond. Dont leave a brother behind. Never put your brother in a position to lose.
// Sponsors are responsible for who they are vouching for. Remember This!
// Never disrespect your brother! We're family.
// Watch how you represent SoC. No time for drama period!

If you can vibe with the rules then drop on in the server and check us out!