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Mission Statement

S.P.E.C.T.R.A stands for Special Protection Espionage & Combat Team for Regulatory Authority. It was founded in 19██ after the ██████ █████ ███ to prevent a regime like the ████ █████ coming into a place of authority & power again. However the agency would quickly move on from governmental institutions & look at all organizations across the globe.

In the later 1950s SPECTRA would start heavily monitoring many organizations that have become more prominent, influential & powerful after the ███. One such organization, the SCP Foundation has been under strict surveillance from SPECTRA since 1958 due to the nature of the organization & the responsibility it carries.


As SPECTRA became increasingly involved with organizations that pose a threat to the public, & world stability, having a private military became a priority. In the aftermath of the ██████ █████ ███ there were a large pool of highly trained military personnel in which SPECTRA started to employ from. This includes the SAS, Marine Raiders, Royal Marines, the ██████ ██ & many more.


SPECTRA has invested heavily into buying research & technology companies to keep up with the continued arms race between organizations. SPECTRA has a degree of diplomatic immunity due to assets & property being located in many countries & even outside of Earth. This has made it very difficult for any one governmental body to enforce sanctions. Furthermore Leading members of the United Nations now work within SPECTRA using their influence to protect the agency.






4th Feb 2024 - 4:14am

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