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SVER (Supporting Veterans & Emergency Responders)

Mission Statement


Welcome to SVER, (Supporting Veterans & Emergency Responders) a community founded by two military veterans with a mission to create a home for veterans, first responders, and civilians alike, where the bonds of brotherhood and camaraderie thrive. Our vision is fueled by the belief that no member should ever feel alone or contemplate taking their own life.


At SVER, our mission is crystal clear: to fight against veteran and first responder suicide by providing a sanctuary for our members—whether veterans, first responders, or civilians—where they can escape the stresses of their personal lives and enjoy the best gaming experience possible. With a multitude of resources available exclusively to our members, we ensure that everyone can find solace and enjoyment in our community. 


Sponsored by a Defense Contracting company and partnered with non-profit charities, we actively contribute to combating and raising awareness of veteran suicides, leaving no one behind in our mission. We have proved this with our past charity events raising thousands of dollars for those in need.


We shoot the breeze with one another playing Call of Duty, 2042, Helldivers, and other popular games.


Here's what you can expect when you join SVER:


  • Level 3 Discord Server: Immerse yourself in our well-organized Discord community, where gaming meets camaraderie.
  • Friendly Scrimmages: Engage in casual yet exhilarating matches with fellow members, fostering friendships and teamwork.
  • Inter-clan Tournaments: Showcase your skills and compete in thrilling tournaments, where strategy and teamwork prevail.
  • Plenty of ways to stay connected: From group chats to community events, there are endless opportunities to connect and engage with fellow members.
  • An open and mature environment: Embrace a culture of respect, inclusivity, and support, where every voice is heard and valued.
  • Participation in Public Tournaments: Represent SVER on the global stage and compete against other clans, demonstrating your prowess.
  • A group of dedicated game leaders and staff members: Benefit from the guidance and support of experienced leaders who are committed to enhancing your gaming experience.

Join us on Discord and become part of a community where gaming meets purpose. Together, let's forge bonds, make memories, and make a positive impact.






5th Jun 2024 - 7:34pm

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17th May 2024 - 10:43pm

Great Community, Amazing bunch of people just enjoying gaming. Laid back community. Hope to see you in Discord and Clan.