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Team hydro est. 2021

Mission Statement


Are you looking to join a team that has potential to be at the top
Well we're the ones 

Your probably wondering why would I want to join such a small team well I have had teams before all combined If two never got nuked and one for merges into the void we would have around 700 members I specialize in community building and branding 

Want to know why to join well

We provide a great and non toxic community

A staff system

Daily events

Clan wars 


Access to coaches

Team gfx 

Hopefully when we get big enough give players jerseys and pay them 

& Much more

If your wondering what roles are available join the server and go to management or fn roster depending on what role your looking for and if it's not there but you would like to be that role in the team or add it to the team DM @NEON#6493 me and we'll try to figure something out 

If your a team owner and would like to merge @NEON#6493

If your looking to become a partner with us DM @NEON#6493 and we will try to figure something out no matter what your company,brand ect. Is 

If your looking to be staff DM @FL1X is a qt#4393 as he is head staff and apply note you will have to go through internship first and you might not get accepted

Well that's all for now hopefully we will see you there join with the link below