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Th3 Goonies | NA

Mission Statement

Th3 Goonies is a very close knit Destiny 2 clan that is opening its doors for new membership. We have created an environment where people can belong, and not have to worry about their skill or anything like that. We're a small group, we look after our own, troll at times, because why not. We have simple rules to follow, if you think you're what we're looking for, then feel free to join our Discord (We only accept applicants who join there).


  •  Must have a mic.
  •  Discord required. Makes communicating heaps better.
  •  Must be in the North American region.
  •  Must be at least 18 years old.
  •  Be cool and be fun to play the game with. Being unfriendly, overly cocky, or just a douche will get you kicked.


We do everything from Raids, Nightfall: The Ordeal, Gambit, Crucible, Trials, etc.


Our clan page on Bungie for Destiny 2 and our Discord server link is listed at the bottom. Joining up is easy and we hope to have you with us.


Discord ID: Smok3y-Bull3t#1014

Th3 Goonies Discord Server:

Steam Profile:





21st Sep 2018 - 10:04pm

Hello, I am a retired guy (old fart) that has been playing PC games for years and just can't give them up. I put a lot of time into D2 and am enjoying it immensely be it only solo. I am in my third clan that has just dwindled to one, maybe two players on beside me (I am the only one on most times), so do not have the opportunity to play required group content to often unless I matchmake. I am trying to find a clan that (a) doesn't mind playing with older and less skilled than the majority players and (b) has players available to hit up for a strike or the occasional NF (have completed only one NF so far), or any other group requirement content.

I fully understand if my age and subsequent ability is a problem, so please do not hesitate to be frank.