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Thunderheart clan

Mission Statement



Ok so you have to have 100-200 wins and you have to be 11 years or older and be good at fortnite,apex,fallout76 


1 month-Scout a shout out and free name change for your account and play fortnite with you

5 months-Sargent I sub to your YouTube and play games with you 

1 year-Scout Leader you get free skin of any kind and I play fallout 76 with you and fortnite and apex 

1.5 year-Sargent Leader you get 10$ a week (I know not a lot but still) and I play fortnite etc and I will raid or host you in your stream

2 Years legend you get a rise to 20$ a week and you play games with me and a free battle bass for frotnite  or apex

2.5 years god  you get to have a raise 30$ a week and you play all games with me and you get to have a house tour with me 

3+ lengend leader you get paid 100$ a week and I play all games with you and I play with you in real life I vist you and go dinner as a friend and plus a house tour and a ride in a car




by youtube and my YouTube watchers



SOCIAL my YouTube 




Thx hope you guys sigh up





16th Sep 2019 - 11:10pm

hey guys..  we're searching some squads for apex legends tournament! pm me if you're interested or check @eug_battle on instagram^^