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Viper.GG is gaming Community and an esports team. We try to make a fun, positive and accepting community for our gamers out there. We accept all genders, races, and sexuality but on the esports side of things our primary goal is to recruit players and put them in tournaments but it's not that simple. The players you see in tournaments work every waking moment of their day playing the game till they get tired. But we don't expect that from you, but we do expect hard work and dedication to the game you play. This doesn't mean that if you don't want to give work hard and dedicate yourself to the game then you can't join, you can always be streamer. But if you seek a challenge and want to play in tournaments and get your name in the gaming community for the game you play. Then work hard, drive yourself to get there and show us that you can play out there in those tournaments. We only have a goal to get you there and to grow what we have now into something greater. That might have been a little cringy but it's true and that's what we stand for (HARD WORK & DEDICATION)

-What We Are Looking For-

(STAFF) We are always looking for trusted staff members who can be available when needed.

(GRAPHIC DSIGNORS) We are always looking for Graphic Designers who can deliver good content relating to our style.

(VIDEO EDITERS) We ate always looking for Video Editors that fit our style and that can make a funny and serious content that may even include montages.

(STREAMERS) Streamers are a big part of promoting our team, they don't have to work hard like the players do but they do get to have fun with what they play, while we help grow their community with them.

(PLAYERS) Like we said before players must do everything, they can possible to build and grow as a player. But we also said that it's in your own time not by killing work or sleep schedule, players must be, hard working, dedicated, kind, nice and willing to improve.

(YOUTUBE) Viper.GGEsports - YouTube

(TWITTER) Viper.GG Esports (@ViperGGFeed) / Twitter

(TIKTOK) ViperGGFeed (@viperfeed) TikTok | Watch ViperGGFeed's Newest TikTok Videos

(TWITCH) (2) viperggesports - Twitch


Viper.GG Esports — Viper.GG is an esports team that has a big goal of going pro. Our team also believes that any team needs a community for fun and play for their members. So, we decided to a make a cross platform community with a huge variety of games and channels to make your gaming experience enjoyable in our server What we offer Server and socials promotion Competitive team Casual team Nontoxic community, Giveaways, free montages and Viper.GG styled full stream overlay package Games we are recruiting for - Fortnite - Apex Legends - COD Warzone - Rainbow Six Siege - Valorant - Rogue Company - CS:GO - Overwatch What we are a looking for Staff Competitive players Trick shooters Streamers Content creators Active members from all regions (edited)

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TTV GoonKong

30th May 2022 - 12:02am

Hey Twitch Streamer and Tik Tok soon-to-be Streamer here! I am looking for a smaller clan and was wondering if you were down to chat? 

TTV GoonKong#1005 is my discord for chat! Below are my Tik Tok and Twitch


I am affiliated on Twitch as of recently and stream 6 days a week for around 12 hours a day. Thanks to my situation I never need to worry about much else. I am good at most games but need more practice. I am down for anything at this point. 

If you are interested my Discord is above I am nearly always on! 


27th Feb 2022 - 5:31pm

Hi I am a chess player and am a content creator/streamer who has 220 subs on youtube