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WARMIND! Get back in to Destiny 2! ACTIVE CLAN

Mission Statement

Just chill, have fun, play whatever you want... We have raiders and trials and willing to help anyone wanting to learn any area of the game. We are getting at least 3 engrams a week, we could use some more trials players to help with that engram. We do ask that you be 18+ in age. We are striving to provide a clan for Destiny (2) and any other games that you may like to play on XB1 where you are free to speak your mind, have fun, complete objectives, and learn how to play other games! Help us build our clan!


***We have started a new clan (Antisocial Antagonists B) in order to facilitate our new recruits as our first two clans are full. We will still all use the same discord and work together to get the engrams for each clan. Discord is strongly encouraged.***

Contact myself or "I Dubbah I" for an invite to our clan and Discord server!

(those are capital i's in Dubbah's name).


Sights Drawn

Hey there, D1 vet looking for a new clan with the new DLC. My old clan became inactive and I'm looking for some active people. XB1 ign is the same as this profile.

Mostly just play my Hunter, looking to grind out raids each week and get better at PvP with some clan fireteams.



Looking for an active D2 Clan. 

I'm tired of joining a new clan and being the only active player.

Would love to join this clan. Let me know if there is a spot available.

GamerTag : OIIIIIIIO Jeep (7 I's)


I need a new clan only active player in my clan I am 335 hunter and warlock working on titan. I play for engrams every week. Pls invite Xbox gamertag konekone007 


need a new clan myself and my friend are the only active players currently 324 working my way to 335 enjoy PVP the most. i play for engrams every week. and id like to join your fast growing clan. LooneyLynx Xbox Gamertag 


Gamertag XB1:  Killen


Looking for a clan that's active.  My current clan isn't active anymore and I have 2 more that would be interested in joining if this clan is a good fit.  Thanks


Hey. My friend and I are both interested in joining if you’re still accepting members. My gt is ArcaneGlitch and hers is FatalPenguin77


Hey i play destiny 2 only about twice a week but each time for 6+ hours. I have a mic and enjoy and prefer to play with others. My current clan has stopped completing weekly engrams all together, and of the 90 members i am one of only 5 that do our weekly contribution so looking for a more active clan that will actually contribute and helo with raids, trials, and nightfall ;-) Your clan seems like it would be a good fit for me so i would really like to know if it is possible to get an invite into your clan and if so how i go about doing that. Thank you


Is there still openings in this clan :) I would love to leave my clan I am the only active player daily in my clan now... Xbox live is FncyZbra I play all elements of the game :) 


New to Xbox, first console since original. Not sure how joining clans works but would like to join one for nightfall, trials of the nine, And levitation raids, as well as others. Xbox name is justinb283.


Hi i am a new player on both Xbox and destiny and looking for a clan. So that I can learn the game. 

Discord: Jinnis#5307

(Not sure how to friend on xbox)

Xbox: Jinnis C

Destiny: JinnisC

I would respond to discord the fastest


Looking for chill but active clan, interested in learning the raids and playing any other aspects.  Gamertag:  Potatodragon720, please send an invite if there are spots still available, thanks.

Naive Society



Im looking for a chill and active clan that I can hop on and play with people in either trials, nightfall, raid, etc. Decent enough to get by in trials, and havent done the raid but would like to. im 322 light on my warlock and 310 light (I think) on my hunter. I have a discord and do respond quick. An invite would be appreciated


Xbox GT: Naive Society


Discord: Naive Society#4937


Also looking for a new clan. My current clan no longer plays destiny. I also have another member of that clan looking to jump as well. 




Hey i would like to join your clan, my battlenet name is Boomer #1569.


Getting  back into destiny 2 for the expansion and would enjoy a clan to play with.


GT: Vc YieldingSole 
Class/Spec: Hunter Arcstrider/Gunslinger
Power: 347 (still farming up)

Current clan died out and looking for an active clan to run raids, strikes, pvp, and generally play the game. 


Discord: GENESIS HERO#5917

Please can I join, I look forward to doing raids as I have only had the opportunity to do it once when Destiny 2's first raid came out.

Thank you


Hi, I’m based in London and looking for an active clan to join for raids etc, my gamer tag is Bantu09, hopefully I’ll get an invite 


Hello, Seasoned player from D1. Have done all content up to Osiris and have 3 toons all classes 300+ Jumping back in for exspansions and raids. Seasoned raider, relaxed player, enjoy teaching and leading raids. Would like to join your clan, PM Gingerkieeed On Xboxlive Please and Thank you :)


Hey looking to join your clan, looks like a cool clan to join and I recently started playing destiny 2 but I'm a very fast learner gamer tag is konevil11 would love an invite. 😀 Thanks and looking forward to playing with you guys!


Hey looking to join your clan, looks like a cool clan to join and I recently started playing destiny 2 but I'm a very fast learner gamer tag is konevil11 would love an invite. 😀 Thanks and looking forward to playing with you guys!



looking for a new clan, because my current clan has stopped playing.

Xbox Gamertag: TimmyKra


Hi, I got this game a few days ago, played the original a bit but couldn' get into solo would like to find a clan to help me find out what I missed out on then. If there' still space would love an invite.

Gamertag: Palmo121