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Wasted Prodigy Gamer's

Mission Statement

Hello, (WPG) Wasted Prodigy Gamer's is looking for player's who likes to join a Fun, Friendly, Family Environment. We are a small team for now. But like to grow. We can't do that without the members. Without the members we wouldn't be here. And we would like for you to join our family to chill with us. (WPG) is also looking for players who can lead. We do have leadership rolls open. along with Video editor, Graphics designer and Web-Master. Or if you like to play just to play and have fun meeting new members. You can also do that to. Check out the info below. 

💻 Website:
🎧 Discord:

     Community Info

    We been running (WPG) over 15yrs. We play on xbox and PC. Our motto is Bringing Gamer's Together. We try to have a fun, friendly, family environment. We started playing as a team back when Halo 2 came out. We become pro with MLG on COD 4: MW. Really miss those days. Want to have fun? Come join us today!

   We play games:

🎮 Arma 3
🎮 DayZ Standalone
🎮 Ark: Survival Evolved
🎮 Heroes and Generals
🎮 Escape From Tarkov
🎮 Squad
🎮 War Of Rights
🎮 Sea of Thieves
🎮 Sid 6
🎮 IronSight
🎮 Life is Feudal
🎮 Minecraft
🎮 World of Tanks
🎮 War Thunder
🎮 Apex Legends
🎮 War of Warships

  Our Servers!


💻 Arma 3 - We have 2 Arma 3 server's Being Fixed On 
💻 Minecraft - 
💻 Call of duty 4: MW (Have 3 Servers)
💻 Quake Live

    More Servers Coming Soon

  We are looking for video editors, Graphics Designers, Admins, Mods. and Web-Master for our team!



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Games Played



19th May 2019 - 5:57am

I agree with what was previously said.  We are a small, close-knit team that play for fun and don't get anal retentive about winning, although we always try our best.  The leader is cool and follows the honor system.  These guys are like family to me.


19th May 2019 - 1:09am

This team might not be big. But this team is a true friendly team. Alot of great members here that treats you like they knew you for years. The leader i found out is fair and just. He will treat you with respect. He does lead by example. He also listens to me vent at times about real life issues and he gives good advice. If i dont want any advice. He would just hear me out. Great person to know. The team itself like i said is small. But is growing. I am happy to be in this team. Best choice i have made so far. I LOVE YOU ALL:)


18th May 2019 - 7:03am

cool people man, just joined this clan after making the switch from console to pc. really gave me a reason to get on and play certain games and actually have a group of people to share that with

Ninjas Dynasty

18th May 2019 - 7:06am

        Thanks bud, We are very happy to have you around. You been a very will respected member and laid back. I understand that your playing for fun and wanted to look for a family team. In short time of knowing you. I set down with you and we talked some. I learned alot myself and hope you did as well.