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Zealot Gaming

Mission Statement

About Us

Zealot Gaming was founded September 9th, 2020. Four friends banded together to create a platform for others to experience the fun of playing video games, chatting, and being crazy! We aim to provide a fun community that is action packed full of good games, good times, and good laughs. We look forward to gaming with you Enjoy! In addition, whether your on playing video games on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or Personal Computer we offer a full range of cross play games for you to engage with others and have fun playing Cross-Platform games! Go and engage the community and have fun! For example, talk about what interests you? Chill out and play some RPG discord games! Listen to music in the server! Go and build your own gaming experience with Zealot Gaming! If your interested in sharing this community with others please feel free to share your experiences with others so they too can enjoy a gaming community! Below you will find a hyper link to this discord server just simply copy and paste the hyper link to your friends ! →






14th Jun 2024 - 10:09am

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