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Serenity Gaming EU Overwatch Clan

Mission Statement

                          Welcome to Serenity Gaming

We are not just a clan, but a community filled with players wanting to socialize, game, create & share gaming content with each other. Our goal is to provide both a fun & competitive environment for all type of gamers around the globe.

Serenity Gaming to us is a place people can gather to play games, to make friends and feel at home. Not all of us have friends and family outside of gaming and lets be honest sometimes you feel alone in the world, what we are trying to tell you is that you are not.

Over the last 7 month we have grown into something that will last. Something unique. If you want to join us here is your chance!

The requirements we have set for joining are;

  • -Strictly 18+.

  • -Be mature.

  • -No Trolling or flaming.

  • -Be able to communicate in English.

  • - The ability to receive and give banter.

  • -Working microphone.

  • -Willing to use Discord.
  • - Adhere to our rules and conducts.(found in our Discord channel)


We currently supporting the following games; 

▶️ Overwatch.
▶️ Heroes of the Storm.
▶️ World of Warcraft.
▶️ Eve online.
▶️ Fortnite. 
▶️ Blood bowl 2.
▶️ CS:GO.
▶️ Monster hunter world
▶️ Battlefield. 

Up and coming games;

▶️ Battlefield 5.
▶️ Monster hunter world.

▶️ Call of Duty Black Op's 4.

We do not require you to go through hell just to join the Community like some places do (This after all is not a real life interview)

For us this isn't a job it's just a game to enjoy for fun and escape The daily grind and make friends (be it your a hardcore player or a casual one) and play on the days your available and convenient for you.

Over the last 7 month we have grown into something that will last. Something unique. If you want to join us here is your chance!

What Serenity gaming has to offer you;

  • -Friendly environment - We have a very friendly environment where people who aren't very nice are dealt with quickly and are removed from the discord and the Community.

  • -Dedicated staff team -Our admins and creators are always on hand to help out and make sure everything runs smooth.

  • -Moderated Discord -Our staff members are always monitoring the discord and act quickly if there is any drama, cheating or people that are violating our Code of Conduct and Rules.

  • -Youtube and streaming - We currently have our own discord and twitter pages for our members to view our content. We do also Support our members stream and youtubers in anyway we can including separate rooms.  We also have "Community lead" for people who create graphics and social media content.

  • -We have clans and guilds in several games - We currently have a growing guild in World of Warcraft and a growing Corporation in EVE Online.

  • -Events and Tournaments - We often make events in our main games where we have fun and play games together. Some of our biggest events included Boy's Vs Girl's, North Vs South and our current one Torb's Hammer where prize can be won.

  • -Coaching - We also offer coaching where a more experienced player can teach and help the less experienced members with dedicated rooms.

If we sound like a place you could enjoy then head to our Discord or website and apply for membership! don't be shy, we accept all gamers as long as you do not violate our Rules and Code of Conduct.

Or why not add us on Battlenet and Discord and an Admin will be on hand to help you when ever we can;








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28th Jul 2018 - 8:02pm

I joined out of curiosity - stayed because of the great people!