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Mission Statement

Are you looking for a gaming hub to make friends, find a group and have fun? Then DΛ is the place for you. We do not discriminate against skill level, every type of gamer is welcome.

DΛ offers:

  • DΛ Clan
  • Game Events
  • Giveaways
  • Friends
  • Merch
  • Affiliates & Sponsors
  • Minecraft Bedrock Server
  • Server Games
  • Server Events
  • Find a Group
  • & More!





Clan Upvotes


3rd Place (Large Clans)

For coming 3rd place in the monthly top large clans vote.

3rd Place (Top 10)

For coming 3rd place in the monthly top clans vote.

2nd Place (Large Clans)

For coming 2nd place in the monthly top large clans vote.

2nd Place (Large Clans)

For coming 2nd place in the monthly top large clans vote.

Recommended Clan

This clan is recommended by LFC

Games Played



6th Jan 2021 - 6:11am

This is a really amazing clan. They always take care of their members and also have their own websites, and also esports. Really love the clan do join!

Crow 13

6th Jan 2021 - 12:36am

This is a very good clan! they have a nice community and people get together help each other, the website well organized and active overall they are an excellent clan!


5th Jan 2021 - 10:11am

Friendly clan, great to begin with and even better to stick with!!


3rd Jan 2021 - 9:50pm



this is an amzing clan that is very nice, and i love being a part of it

random weeb

2nd Jan 2021 - 1:56am

DA is an amazing clan. 1rst place in my opinion. me being a dweeb, i don't have many friends. getting to interact with other dweebs like me is awsome. i'm hoping to become a helper there and help other fellow DA's.


1st Jan 2021 - 11:13am

I couldnt tell you how long ive been in this clan for the time just flies by. I dont think i have EVER been in a server bet than DΛ everything about the server and the clan is amazing so i guess it is your own fault if you don't join. 


1st Jan 2021 - 12:05am

Great clan and u should join right now if you have not!


random weeb

29th Dec 2020 - 8:48pm

I absolutly love DA. it is an amazing place to chill with teens. it is super clean. everyone is super nice. i would strongly recomend this to anyone who loves to make freinds, and be a part of somthing!


23rd Dec 2020 - 6:54pm

Fun clan and chill. Everyone is chill and nice. Highly recommend this clan, you won't regret it! 

ryse 1664

19th Dec 2020 - 1:49am

To be honest, I'm always sceptical when it comes to gaming communities. But these guys have been pretty awesome, very welcoming, very friendly and super chilled. No toxicity at all!


16th Dec 2020 - 8:58am

Really great clan, super friendly and accepting new, not good players. Good to start with, great to continue with.


15th Dec 2020 - 12:37am

This clan is very family friendly and non-toxic, very nice and warm welcoming staff as well :)