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Amazon: New World - Gameplay Leak

Amazon: New World - Gameplay Leak

5th Oct 2018 - 3:38pm

It's been known for a while that Amazon have had a new MMO in the works. It's been in closed BETA recently, but with a strict NDA.

It looks like one of the invited players has leaked hours of footage for the game to the public. While not ideal for Amazon, it does give us a glimpse into the direction this game is taking.

The title aspires to be a classic MMO. There don't appear to be any radical changes from the well known (and well used) genre. It contains all the usual quests, crafting, open world content we've seen before. But we have to admit, the art style is excellent.

Just take a look at some of these beautiful screenshots:

New World 1

New World 2

New World 3

We're usually very cautious to critique unfinished games, so we'll reserve full judgement for the official release.

One point of interest is that during the footage, we clearly see a player broadcasting a recruitment message for a "Company". It's possible this very well hints at a build-in clan system for the title (which definitely gets us excited).

In the meantime, the video above (credits to Less Than Epic) is work a watch! New World absolutely feels like a game worth considering for any MMO focused clan.

For more information, see the official New World page on Amazon.

EDIT 15/10/2018: It appears the author of the video has taken it down since this article was posted. We'll be sure to share the latest once an official announcement has been made.